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Is deep sleep like meditation?

Why we sleep is still a mystery. Is it possible that just like meditation that invigorates and refreshes us so is deep sleep. The main thing is how to create conditions to always have deep sleep. A small article on it is;

Any new ideas and thoughts on this subject?

  • Feb 24 2013: I experience sleep as switching off a light switch and then at some unknown time in the future switching it back on again.
    There is no intervening time to me. I am one of those people who do not experience any dreams nor do I even remember being in a dream state. As a result, sleeping does not seem to involve a passage of time. I turn off and then when I am done sleeping, I turn back on.
    Probably some time in the future I will not, but that is another topic.
    Given my experiences, I would have to say that deep sleep is nothing like meditation
  • Mar 6 2013: No,when I do meditation,I can be more alert to stay,more clearer to see things what they are...being more conscious.but when I feel sleepy,it is impossible for me to do meditation.Just fallen sleep quickly.But when I don't feel sleepy to do meditation,I will feel more energic after doing it.
  • Mar 6 2013: well we may not know for sure there has never been a study to wether or not the brain is actually repairing itself when it is meditating or if it is acting the same as you are while sleeping but what we do know is that when meditating and have done so for some time your brain will naturally release small quantities of DMT (hallucinogen) which brings up another idea is what if that same chemical is what causes you to be so creative in your dreams much like the free flowing ideas and mindset of meditation Great Though!
    this really would be a very simple thing to test though just take a brain scan of someone sleeping and someone meditating i wouldn't doubt that there are Many similarities
  • Mar 7 2013: Sleep is where you are unconscious which gives opportunity for the brain to repair the body etc, Meditation is simply a deep conscious state unlike sleep.
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    Feb 25 2013: .
    Let's compare with a computer:

    (1) Meditation ---- Clearing all programs in RAM but basic ones.
    . . .Then, you can solve a new problem easily.

    (2) Deep sleep ---- Servicing all brain as well as background-processing the data acquired during daytime.
    . . .Then, you will have energetic brain and body.


    (See the 1st article, point 12 (3), at
  • Feb 24 2013: Anil.
    Isn't there a sect of Hindu's who believe sleep is a form of death?
    I read this somewhere a long time ago but don't remember where.
    It might have been when I was studying Stephen Levine and his book, "Who Dies?"
    Very good. Very enlightening and wise.
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      Feb 24 2013: Yes some do consider deep sleep as a tunnel to nether world. Thus in some beliefs it is said that one should never startle a person when he is asleep. He might go on the other side!
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    Feb 24 2013: If it is, meditation goes with a lot of snoring.
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    Feb 23 2013: It's really like a meditation, like a great refresh