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Is deep sleep like meditation?

Why we sleep is still a mystery. Is it possible that just like meditation that invigorates and refreshes us so is deep sleep. The main thing is how to create conditions to always have deep sleep. A small article on it is; http://www.nariphaltan.org/sleepmeditation.pdf

Any new ideas and thoughts on this subject?


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  • Feb 24 2013: Anil.
    Isn't there a sect of Hindu's who believe sleep is a form of death?
    I read this somewhere a long time ago but don't remember where.
    It might have been when I was studying Stephen Levine and his book, "Who Dies?"
    Very good. Very enlightening and wise.
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      Feb 24 2013: Yes some do consider deep sleep as a tunnel to nether world. Thus in some beliefs it is said that one should never startle a person when he is asleep. He might go on the other side!

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