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If you suddenly lost all of your sources of income, including your job, would you consider yourself poor?

Lets say a huge financial collapse occurs, and you lose all your sources of income, almost overnight, no-one is hiring, people everywhere in your country are in the same situation, the currency of your country is so inflated its virtually worthless.
Would you consider yourself poor?

Or do you have skills which would enable you to survive, perhaps even thrive?


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    Feb 23 2013: If everyone is poor, then no one is poor.

    I would survive.
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      Feb 23 2013: Nicely put!
    • Feb 25 2013: I do not agree. You are saying that if everybody is hungry then on one is hungry. That is obviously wrong. If everybody is poor then no one is rich!!!... Poor is someone how has trouble to solve his/her basic needs so making everybody poor doesn't solve the basic needs of everyone , as you state.

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