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How we all can make a difference together on the double financial cliff

Individually involvement from the earth as a whole will make everybody's life easier, one step at a time.

Being a president of turmoil countries of earth is so ever harder then their position of involvement to society started. Yes it's a big job. So our planet together, sharing ideas, practicing the respect, receiving excitement of gaining knowledge, sharing these different ways of life with each other; by listening to each other.

Yes it is known to society, as still the same. Preaching as teachers, schools and everywhere that criticism is used. To somebody else, they criticize with there ideas. This is supposed to be beneficial to help them to what? Gain knowledge, to change.. let me tell you something, not everyone learns and benefits from this style of teaching. The same goes with older methods of teaching the same way. Everyone has differential common sense. Everybody has their different point of the world. They all have different ways of learning, teaching, also tactics, that makes sense; from their point of view. As human, what sums up our bodily function to work with are their eyes, ears, mouth, last but not least feeling / feelings. Don't forget everybody has a brain, another common sense statement, so everybody's brain works different.

Lets accept the fact we are all born on earth to accept each other. No one gets left behind. Love by Amanda Hilton DJ CandY all The Great Composers, Evolve Revolution , Evolved like Pokemon.

  • Feb 23 2013: There is another cliff thats subsiding along side of our global debt .The constant up rise of the cost prices from everything we consume. The reason theres no balance in our world is due to global debt and up rising cost on every thing we consume. I call this a double cliff. To think and to understand this hectic ratio of to much numbers are increasing when it come to money. From my understanding we are dealing with so much more . To take to the charts every thing is increasing, the future holds a very difficult out come on a regular to low income families to survive.

    Mathematics to our understanding is to simplify. How can we simplify? To work with simple numbers is to simplify. To get a hold of our lives we must simplify the numbers. There has to be something done.
  • Feb 23 2013: Please explain more.
  • Mar 7 2013: Let's step on greed
  • Mar 7 2013: To push the summery to sum as one. I'm gona factor in each year is gona have a up rise in material product and every thing that our society as a monetary system works with. This is also the reason behind our competition for wealth. The leaders are also the main people our compaction is a rising. To be a good leader is to provide affordable explosively for our nations some thing our whole World can afford. I tell you some thing life should not have a price tag on it. Sports are the only competition that should a rise from our civilization. Our world has lost its meaning of life. Life is more important than money, the love of life is important. Every one is important let ALL The Great Composers, Evolve Revolution, Evolved like Pokemon. Musical art we all need in our lives. to beat it all together lets go I don't care if I die Trying, Why I lived through it . I love you Earth and every one needs to take notice. No one gets left behind. let our hearts with my flaming heart step on geed. I'm sure that's why lots of people smoke weed.
  • Feb 26 2013: End the monetary system. Or,
    Make no decisions that involve money, because of money or with money.
    Decisions are made on what needs to be done, how to accomplish that, that don't pollute, destroy, create poverty, slavery, inequality, greed or crime.
    If you can do that with a monetary system, keep it.
    If you can't, it has to go. That is a clear decision.

    If we fall off the cliff, if the global financial system totally collapses, will you still get hungry? Will you still want to sleep, drink water, play, listen to music, see a game or a movie, go somewhere, lie on the beach, teach a class, study something, fly a kite, have a baby, get married, get divorced, have lunch with a friend, pass a test, complete a degree, become a doctor or a liar, oops, sorry, a lawyer, go bungee-jumping, biking, swimming, teach a class, pass on what you know, make a breakthrough in science, medicine, write a book, screenplay, stage play, draw cartoons, etc.????
    Motivation will still be there even without money. It is a lie that we humans wouldn't be motivated if there was no money. Our needs remain, our dreams, our wants, our communities and so on and so too would our problems. Some of what I listed are our problems. How to achieve them? How to solve them? Well, even without money they would still exist, so would we, so would the resources to do them and achieve them, we would solve them because we want to, we need to and we are going to. Don't let the greatest resource we have go to waste. That resource is us, people, all of us, everywhere. We need each other, not money. Money keeps us apart. No-money would bring us together.
    Simply using everyone on the earth to "gather" all the garbage in the world, in one year, and rid ourselves of it would most definitely bring us all "to-gather", as a world.
    Isn't this what we want? Yes. Who doesn't want that? Our leaders.
    Hmmmmm. What has to go?
    Things don't...."get done"........because of money.
    Things....... "don't get done"... because of money