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Why not someone tell the story of Bangladesh in TED?

Bangladesh is a young country that earned it's freedom from a repressive regime through a bloodbath. It's founding ideals had been those of a liberal, secular democracy. But for 4 decades the fate of Bangladesh oscillated between democracy and military rule. The story of Bangladesh remained a gradual takeover of the spirited and progressive society by Islamic fundamentalism. The political parties forgot the founding principles of the country and the sacrifice that its people made for it so that the traitors that once supported the massacre by Pakistani military could go unpunished and sometime even get to be ministers.
2013 is witnessing a historical movement by civil society in Bangladesh named Shahbag movement.
This is possibly the last chance for Bangladesh to win a decisive battle against religious fundamentalism and in favor of liberal democracy if not entirely secular. Can we accumulate our opinions about this remarkable social change by a largely Muslim population striking at the core of it's own religious extremism?


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