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What can be a good Web Comic as a medium of change?

Art has always inspired masses. Music, paintings, dance, cinema etc have played a big role in reaching out.

How does art on internet fit in?
Can doodling your thoughts on to a web page be one of the medium?
What content would you appreciate in such a web comic?
Do you have any theme in mind you want to see a web comic on?
What do you expect out of such a web comic?

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    Feb 23 2013: I'd choose something you know a lot about so that you can present the important ideas effectively in comic form.

    Are you thinking of something like political cartoons but multi-frame?

    Have you looked in the graphic book section of the bookstore to see what people are doing there?
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      Feb 25 2013: Thanks Fritzie.
      I am thinking a Muti-frame comic which is not bound to any topic. I want it to be universal and to address all the issues in a funny/sarcastic way.

      In the bookstores here, people do not pay much attention to the graphic section. It has a very limited fan base and they generally follow stories. So new volumes of a series. In case of a web-comic on the other hand is difficult to ascertain the fanbase. Multiple genres and multiple narratives. I just want to know what is received well, humor/sarcasm or in the face facts.