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What advice would you give to your 24 year old self?

In this current economy, when uncertainty is pervasive, it can be difficult to get your career started, or to have the confidence to make life decisions that depend upon your career. It can be extremely intimidating at the age of 24, armed with just a Bachelor’s degree and minimal experience, to face the increasingly competitive job market and figure out a path to stability and security. I understand that there is no one path (or sure path) to that, but some degree of assurance would be nice. So, what advice/wisdom would you give to an unsure 24 year old?


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    Gail . 50+

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    Feb 23 2013: Watch a motivational video like this every single day


    Then meditate for 20 minutes and keep yourself physically fit.

    Know thyself. Know what you are thinking. Know what you are emoting. Know that thoughts precede emotions. Explore your emotions and as you explore them, walk toward your fears. Don't judge them. When you know what they are and how they work, you will never be intimidated again because you will not be owned by them. You will own them. That's how you tap into great power that is the core of your magnificent being.
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      Feb 23 2013: Come on, I couldn watch more than 10sec. how could I bare 50minutes? EACH DAY??
    • Feb 25 2013: "Know that thoughts precede emotions."

      Brilliant. Thanks!

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