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What advice would you give to your 24 year old self?

In this current economy, when uncertainty is pervasive, it can be difficult to get your career started, or to have the confidence to make life decisions that depend upon your career. It can be extremely intimidating at the age of 24, armed with just a Bachelor’s degree and minimal experience, to face the increasingly competitive job market and figure out a path to stability and security. I understand that there is no one path (or sure path) to that, but some degree of assurance would be nice. So, what advice/wisdom would you give to an unsure 24 year old?


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    Feb 23 2013: I would tell 24-year-old me to be braver.

    No, not in the sense of being a tough-guy or daredevil.

    In the sense that it's important to take more risks, be more adventurous. When you're young, unfettered by so many of life's bigger responsibilities, it's the best time to take risks, be bold, try new things, go on adventures.

    There are a million reasons our young selves come up with why it's not possible to be brave, but they're mostly excuses.

    Be brave.

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