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What is it that keeps us from being closer to other human beings ?

What causes us to withhold from other human beings ? Answers might be what people find that brings them closer to others, things they may do on a day to day basis.


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  • Mar 17 2013: Fear. There are only two basic emotions: love and fear. Fear is something we have will be taken away or something we want wont be given. Bottom line. The greatest love tragedies, war, and crimes...fear. Love means being vulnerable, truthful, sincere, present. Today we as a society don't dare explore these realities. For they are the elements which make us weak. At least that is what I see; not what I believe.

    If we had no fear what could we do? Listen to each other, end poverty and hunger, unite in mind toward a common goal; base solution for the common good of all... not one.

    But a greater concept of why we cant be close to others, is because we refuse to know OURSELVES FIRST. We mold to our environment or people. The human animal has been doing that for years. I know this: you cant give away something you don't have.

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