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What is the most important thing you've learned on your own?

In three sentences, explain something that you've learned without being told by another person -- something you've figured out all by yourself. Here's an example:

"I learned how to paint with water colors by reading a book and searching for YouTube videos. It took me a while, but I figured out some techniques that really work for me. I'm not an expert yet, but I have discovered a real joy in painting."

It can be anything -- a practical skill (like painting) or a knowledge set (like how to use mathematics).


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    Mar 10 2013: I learned Italian on my own, by watching (/listening to) Italian TV shows (or dubbed films) for a limited amount of time 5 days a week for a number of years (about 5). Gradually I started reading books and newspapers and eventually added Italian as one of the official languages I use as a conference interpreter (C language). Eventually, I also participated in the relevant language exam of the Greek Ministry of Education, which I passed (highest level available).

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