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What is the most important thing you've learned on your own?

In three sentences, explain something that you've learned without being told by another person -- something you've figured out all by yourself. Here's an example:

"I learned how to paint with water colors by reading a book and searching for YouTube videos. It took me a while, but I figured out some techniques that really work for me. I'm not an expert yet, but I have discovered a real joy in painting."

It can be anything -- a practical skill (like painting) or a knowledge set (like how to use mathematics).


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    Feb 22 2013: Jordan,
    One important thing I've learned on my own, and figured out all by myself, is how to live alone and be content:>)

    I had never lived alone in my life.....going from home of origin, to cohabitating with room-mates...to marriage and children. When I divorced after 24 years of marriage, the kids were in college and not living at home, I was diagnosed with cancer, and a month later sustained a near fatal head injury.....my mother and father died within that time frame as well. I felt very alone, which did not feel comfortable at first, and I learned to like it a LOT!
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      Gail . 50+

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      Feb 23 2013: Wow! Impressive. I admire you.
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        Feb 23 2013: I admire you too TED Lover! What doesn't kill us makes us stronger? I've read LOTS of your comments, so I know that you have faced and continue to face challenges:>)
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      Mar 8 2013: Hey Colleen.
      As always ausum really really ausum.
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        Mar 8 2013: Hey Chetan...always nice to connect with you:>)

        Life is life, and we can make it "ausum"......or not. I learned when I was young, to let go of frustration and discontent, and do my best to move through challenges. I may feel emotionally and/ or physically hurt, confused, frustrated, and have a "poor me" attitude for a minute, then I move on. Holding onto those feelings simply uses energy that I can use in a more productive way.....learning. It's good to experience all the feelings, determine what we CAN and CANNOT do about it, and move on....learning, growing and evolving with all of the life adventures:>)

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