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Using Technology to Understand Quantum Physics

I got very little knowledge of quantum physics; so I need your help to understand to what extent my thinking is realistic.

I have been wondering if the mystery of photon's dual behavior can be understood by tracking photons' movement in real time.

I do realize that one of the obstacles would be the extremely high speed of photons. But technology is advancing and researches at M.I.T. could develop a camera that can capture images at the speed of light.

So can we redo the classical double-slit experiment now while using technology to track the path of photons while moving?

Thank you!


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  • Feb 24 2013: Well, when you observe the photons they behave as particles, not waves. That's the mystery. Photons act as particles in the double slit experiment when observed. That's actually the entire mystery is why only when they are being watched? When not being observed, they carry out all of the possibilities of collision with each other, making a wave.
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      Feb 24 2013: I thought that the measuring tools that were used in the past have introduced new variables that altered the photon's nature. And that now with advanced technology, alteration would not occur.
      • Feb 24 2013: no it's like that when we observe things have to make physical sense. It's Schrodinger's Cat. Unless we are observing all possibilities happen simultaneously, and we see the result of it.

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