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Is it possible to have an entirely original thought?

The other day I tested this by trying to think of a colour that didn't already exist, I came up with combinations of colours but I could not come up with an entirely original colour. This made me think that we are restricted to what we know to some degree, no matter how open minded we may think ourselves to be.


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    Feb 23 2013: It is possible but then it is impossible to communicate this with anyone.

    With every attempt to display that thought or rather that mental image you call up images with the listener that are known to them. They first have to listen with a blank mind without reflecting on it and construct that image solely from the description you give.
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      Feb 23 2013: I have an entirely original thought Frans....it's GREAT to see your smiling face!!!

      Good point Frans.....if we have an original thought, we may not be able to express it because we need to use known expressions and communication skills. That changes the dynamic of anything being original?

      I tend to believe that all information is recycled, sometimes in different forms, so your perception sounds logical to me:>)
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        Feb 24 2013: Thank you Colleen!

        We both keep smiling and so the world smiles back at us.

        Within the mental realm all thought is one construct assembled from countless impressions of the senses, designed in a way that we can survive and thrive. This construct is time based and shared by means of language that represent its parts. Parts that can be recycled, reorganized and replaced to have a more accurate view on our world. By acting on that view the world reflects the flaws and failures of any thought as experience from which we learn and reshape future behaviour.

        The moment consciousness isn’t fed any longer by sensory input and diverts from the world, it wanders to another realm that we could call spiritual. Here no thoughts exist but direct experience is made without any control of our thinking identity, almost like in a dream. From there we can capture visions, new to the world and integrate them into our thoughts afterward. This realm I call spiritual and is not time based nor is locally bound to any place. Visions from that spiritual realm can be as complex or much containing that the mind would be overloaded as it would try to express it in any language. The difference between those two realms can be figuratively seen as the different viewpoints an eagle has in the air from the ant that struggles through the grasses.

        Within ancient and what we now call primitive cultures there always were technics to initiate all members by introducing them into that spiritual world by means of drugs or fastening , fear and/or pain, seclusion and so on to get a person diverted and out of his or her body and lose all controls. That’s why it is said that to find one self you have to lose yourself first. Nowadays I think most of that knowledge is gone, cultures are distorted and what’s left are practices of torture, abuse and superstition
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          Mar 3 2013: Frans,
          Yes indeed...we both keep smiling and the world smiles back....I LOVE it!

          Your mention of ancient cultures, and the topic..."an entirely original thought", reminds me of what I have observed while traveling in various parts of our world, learning about ancient cultures.

          It always amazes me that people in different parts of the world, have similarities in music, dances, structures, cooking impliments, tools, etc. They were obviously very seperated physically, and apparently had many of the same ideas that were "original" to themselves and their particular culture. The "original thoughts" were manifesting in many different places, at the same time in ancient history, even though the people were not connected.....fascinating!

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