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Is it possible to have an entirely original thought?

The other day I tested this by trying to think of a colour that didn't already exist, I came up with combinations of colours but I could not come up with an entirely original colour. This made me think that we are restricted to what we know to some degree, no matter how open minded we may think ourselves to be.


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  • Feb 23 2013: perhaps if we knew all knowledge that had gone before us, we could come up with something truly original, however, i have doubts, an example would be :

    Solar panels use sunlight ....., if we split the sunlight into its seperated colour spectrum, through a prism, tested each colour, which one would be the most productive for various power productions, PV solar, heat, lighting, and then could each of those be split again into their seperate ones, etc.....

    thought about this years ago, but i bet its been done somewhere......right?

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