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Is it possible to have an entirely original thought?

The other day I tested this by trying to think of a colour that didn't already exist, I came up with combinations of colours but I could not come up with an entirely original colour. This made me think that we are restricted to what we know to some degree, no matter how open minded we may think ourselves to be.


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    Feb 22 2013: Well, I believe we are just complex computers. I mean, we get data, we analyze, and react. So, what can our reactions be independent of data that we get ?
    I mean, a computer gets binary data, and gives a different version of binary data, too. So we are. I think even our dreams in the sleep are made of what we have observed during the day.
    But it does not mean we are limited, you know, we do not live in a quantified world. We can chop it limitless times. I mean, we have limited range of colors, and they are combination of each other (if you do not count infrared and ultraviolett ones) but still we can limitless colours that are combination of each other.
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      Feb 23 2013: .
      Yes, you are right!
      Our brain is a computer made from living cells.

      (See my comment today herein)

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