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Is it possible to have an entirely original thought?

The other day I tested this by trying to think of a colour that didn't already exist, I came up with combinations of colours but I could not come up with an entirely original colour. This made me think that we are restricted to what we know to some degree, no matter how open minded we may think ourselves to be.


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  • Feb 22 2013: Yes. Consider what humankind knows and have accomplished up to today compared with 10,000 years ago. (Pick a different time period if you wish.) It is reasonable to assume somebody had a new, original thought that resulted in action or development.

    Are humans able to experience new and original thoughts that harm people? Yes, but those new original thoughts that help humankind for good are better and they are admired and valued for sharing with subsequent generations.

    Rest assured! You will have new thoughts for you! Be creative and you will think of something someone never experienced before that you can write while sharing with others.

    What new thoughts would be good for you?

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