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Do you guys believe that biker gangs should be illegal?

I am writing a persuasive essay and I was wondering what the public thought about that topic.


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    Feb 22 2013: As you are writing the persuasive essay, would you like to share the arguments you intend to make? Then people here could comment.

    I cannot tell where you are from from your profile, but in the United States I think "biker gang" is another word for motorcycle club- people who get together for bike rides as a big group of people.

    They are not a gang in the sense of being engaged in criminal activities. They follow the same driving rules as everyone else on the road. On the freeway, they don't even slow down the traffic, because they move at the same speed as cars.

    There are also clubs of people who ride ordinary bicycles and clubs of people who walk together. There are places it is not legal to RIDE a motorcycle or, for that matter, to walk a dog. National Park Trails are an example.

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