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Sanctions verses citizens caught in the middle...

Just what do countries hope to accomplish by imposing sanctions on another country when the people in the sanctioned country can't get important drugs for their illnesses? Like cancer drugs etc. Not only are adults affected but so are children. What can be done to help these people?


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  • Feb 22 2013: I vote wisely but once those elected get into office they learn things that are going on, which is usually not public information. I do not want to cause this question to become a political forum but to find ways to help the people caught in the middle.
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      Feb 22 2013: it is impossible that you vote wisely, but somehow the politicians you voted for turn out to be evil. there must be something wrong then.
      • Feb 22 2013: This is NOT a question about voting wisely but about trying to help those caught in the middle. Between governments that are at odds with each other and those caught in between. This stuff has been going on for ages-before voting even.

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