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Corruption. Who should take the resposibility or the blame for the current mess? What's the way forward?

We know that we need Cultural change, Effective, accountable and transparent System, Protection and reward for whistle blowers to minimise corruption.
The questions are
who and how this change will come ?
Is it a sole responsibility of our leaders, political or religeous?
What is the role of activists like Raymond in Trinidad and Tobago and Arwind Kejriwal in India?
What about the silent majority?


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    Feb 23 2013: We are all responsible for the way our societies turn.
    We should focus on an holistic approach to corruption:
    Government should work and anti-corruption laws and the legal system should be empowered to win the fight.
    Media organisations should be involved in anti-corruption campaigns so that the awareness of its ills is on the society.
    Societies should not idolize crooks and thugs in suit; there are so many people of intergrity that could be worthy examples.

    Families should be a priority; there are foundational issues to be addressed. Children and youth are important stakeholders, just as the foundation is important if a building is to stand in fierce storms.
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      Feb 23 2013: I agree about the holistic approach. Moral fabric of the country need to be improved.

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