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Corruption. Who should take the resposibility or the blame for the current mess? What's the way forward?

We know that we need Cultural change, Effective, accountable and transparent System, Protection and reward for whistle blowers to minimise corruption.
The questions are
who and how this change will come ?
Is it a sole responsibility of our leaders, political or religeous?
What is the role of activists like Raymond in Trinidad and Tobago and Arwind Kejriwal in India?
What about the silent majority?

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  • Feb 23 2013: We are all responsible for the way our societies turn.
    We should focus on an holistic approach to corruption:
    Government should work and anti-corruption laws and the legal system should be empowered to win the fight.
    Media organisations should be involved in anti-corruption campaigns so that the awareness of its ills is on the society.
    Societies should not idolize crooks and thugs in suit; there are so many people of intergrity that could be worthy examples.

    Families should be a priority; there are foundational issues to be addressed. Children and youth are important stakeholders, just as the foundation is important if a building is to stand in fierce storms.
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      Feb 23 2013: I agree about the holistic approach. Moral fabric of the country need to be improved.
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    Feb 25 2013: I find it a bit difficult to accept that money or rather unfair monetary gratification is the sole driver of corruption. Money is, in one large part, the key but I don't believe corruption will go if we take money out of the question. I used to know one highly placed civil service official who had the reputation of being honest. However, he had his own Achilles' heel which was his strong aspiration to be recognized as a scholar despite doubtful scholarship. A big publishing house bagged a huge order from government bypassing fair competition by gratifying this official by inviting him as guest speaker in a number of prestigious seminars. I think this is a form of corruption too where no money exchanged hands.
    Corruption figures as deviation from ideal in philosophical, theological or moral discussions. I doubt whether Adesh talks about those levels. If corruption that we identify with bribery or embezzlement at the level of Government offices, in seats of power and influences (political, financial and administrative) where people use official capacity for personal gain, it becomes more socially relevant. Rajat Gupta is a case in point.
    Corruption is institutionalized in corporate profiteering, in international arms deals, in banking systems and the scale is so grand that occupy movements will not even dent the system. Corruption is also systemic, that is, prevalent in every day structure of society. I hope Adesh knows the fate of whistle blowers in India. If not, Julian Assange will do fine.
    Cultural change? The way our societies are structured today corruption is predicated as a result not a flaw. Mere cultural changes, IMO, will have no effect.
    In order to eradicate corruption something very anti-darwinian is required. No win the competition credo, but co-operate to exist. Risky and very improbable.
  • Feb 25 2013: My view on this global issue is somewhat optimistic. I see this issue or any other issue for that matter as part of evolutionary crisis. In order to reach perfection all negative possibilities needs to be ruled out and also experienced.I believe that's how mankind reaches or will reach perfection. Democracy is very young and it will take some time to mature .
    I am from India and corruption is major issue there. We have politicians with millions of dollars in their accounts and poor people with no food and basic needs. But the time will come when limits of evolutionary crisis are reached and revolution is set in which results in new world order which is obviously better then previous one. From past history we have seen this typically happening at global levels and not just in one country or community and also these revolutions might be violent but with positive outcomes.
    Issue of corruption has to go away and it will go away as it is far from truth and harmony and anything which is not in sync with truth/harmony will not survive.
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    Feb 22 2013: At the root of the corruption that you see is MONEY. End money as a social glue and there is no reward for the corruption. Our CULTURE rewards corruption (then rails against it).
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      Feb 22 2013: because, you know, one can not bribe another person using ... like food, a cellphone, a car or horribile dictu sexual services.
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        Feb 22 2013: In a world without money, the culture would be so different that the power hierarchy would be gone as well. It would be a far more egalitarian world. Not a world of haves and have nots.
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        Feb 22 2013: Don't we all?????
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      Feb 22 2013: Root cause of corruption is greed.
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          Feb 23 2013: We need laws to protect and reward whistle blowers. People are afraid to expose people in high places, they fear .
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        Feb 23 2013: Root cause of greed is fear (of lack).
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          Feb 23 2013: Lack of fear of God and the Law of the Land.
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        Feb 23 2013: Fear is the operative word, so fear of God is part of the cause of the problems. Whatever happened to "Love God with ALL your heart, ALL your soul, AND - ALL your mind" - which leaves no room for fear or personal inadequacy? If "all" means ALL, I mean.
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          Feb 24 2013: Fear God ,fear none. Ignore Him and fear every one.
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          Feb 24 2013: You are right TED Lover ,Truth is God,and When we adhere to the the truth, and follow it ,there is no need to fear anyone. Your only fear remains that are you following the God? You pray and want His presence in all your actions.
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      Feb 22 2013: Money have a large piece of the pie but power stand alone has the other. Power over money i would say is that mess people. And btw u cant end money no matter what you do. Money represents energy and work, u ll have to reinvent the wheel. You cant say that digital money will save society nor trading goods without money. Also social pyramid cannot be ignored. NO MATTER what its laws of nature. You cant change the law of gravity BUT you can use it wisely and benefit from it. Going against nature is not wise...
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        Feb 23 2013: Sometimes you have to reinvent the wheel - like Einstein when he reinvented physics. Power hierarchies have not been a part of cultures that thrived until the European white man destroyed them.
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          Feb 23 2013: Power Hierarchies have always been a part but in different forms... Regarding money, power will always use a mean its just nowadays that happens to be money itself. What you say about reinventing the wheel, well, i dont think that we have much choices in regimes. Regimes have cycles as well... The problem ls not regimes but their implementation and their life cycle. People can rely on their fake idea that there is democracy in the world... Really? You believe that?... Democracy and justice is only LOCAL (meaning within a country) and we all know that globally such notion doesnt exist. Its just the right of the strongest. There is no global democracy although they are trying to get it that way. Another idea is that democracy is just a subset of oligarchy. Well, nuff said ;)
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    Feb 22 2013: i'm repeating the same things like a parrot. but hey, probably that's what i deserve.

    corruption is only in part a cultural phenomenon. the other part is the so called "public" sector. the public sector should not exist at all anyways. so just get rid of it, reduce the state to the minimum. and voila, as a side effect, corruption is no more.
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      Feb 22 2013: I should reframe my question," who should take the responsibilty for the current mess?" Any idea Kate?
      I cant preach honesty to people but i can be optimistic and do my bit. Let us try to show them what they are doing is wrong.