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If you were to give a TED talk what would it be about? What points would you make about your topic?

Interested to hear what matters to people.


Closing Statement from greg dahlen

Well, it wasn I saw that people have interesting ideas for TED talks. One wonders if everyone in the world has an interesting talk in them?

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    Mar 2 2013: G'day Greg

    In a nut shell yes but remembering the more non-accepting you are the more conflictive one is, it depends on how conflictive you want to be in life, our life really does depend on our actions & reactions to it.

    It’s like being a Hitler for instance, you have got to accept the consequences of your actions in being a Hitler type person who is conflictive, we are no different within our normal lives if we want to be in conflict as that is our choice to be non-accepting.

    If I had a Hitler type person come into my house I would react but by reacting I’m in conflict however that is accepted because of the circumstances but remembering at the same time it is conflictive which is my choice to do so to protect my wife & myself which is quite acceptable.


    PS You think as deep as I do by the looks of it!!!
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      Mar 10 2013: well, it seems to me you might not have anything particularly, strikingly new here, Mathew, because you are saying that in some situations you should accept what is occuring, and in others it is quite acceptable to fight against what is occuring, which is pretty much how everyone approaches life, isn't it? I had thought your (at this point) imaginary speech was to be about accepting everything and I suppose not fighting anything, the way you believe God accepts everything and I suppose doesn't fight anything. That would really be a new idea, yet it doesn't seem to be what you're saying. Maybe I'm still not understanding.

      What other things would you fight for, besides your wife and children if an intruder broke in?

      Have you read about these concepts you're thinking about? What have you read?

      Is it possible you're talking about being in a "flow," where you're letting your thoughts and actions come without too much censoring? That might be a good speech.

      Thus far I'm not convinced you have a speech, although I could be wrong. What other issues interest you, what gets you going? You're a good-looking guy, I hope you will appear in public.--love,greg

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