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If you were to give a TED talk what would it be about? What points would you make about your topic?

Interested to hear what matters to people.


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Well, it wasn I saw that people have interesting ideas for TED talks. One wonders if everyone in the world has an interesting talk in them?

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  • Mar 3 2013: I would talk about how truth is non existent.
    When we determine that something is truthful or not, it requires human understanding & interpretation, which could lead to error or manipulation of the 'truth', even if we get video footage of someone committing a crime, it still leads to (possible) human error. Therefore, how do we know that something is the truth, how do we know that cotton is a material and coal is solely made out of carbon are true?
    The answer, because everyone else thinks that it is true.
    We are not able to determine whether something is true by instinct, as again, it leads to human error / manipulation (our emotions could get in the way also if it was an instinct).
    • Mar 3 2013: If you are actually given a chance to create a TED Talk? I would love to watch your video! I am a big fan of truth, morals, god questions, and etc...
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      Mar 12 2013: Well, yes, Alexander, in the biggest, most cosmic sense we can't really prove anything is true, for all we know right now we may be a dream in someone else's head. But in a smaller, more practical sense can't we reach enough truth to live well?

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