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If you were to give a TED talk what would it be about? What points would you make about your topic?

Interested to hear what matters to people.


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Well, it wasn I saw that people have interesting ideas for TED talks. One wonders if everyone in the world has an interesting talk in them?

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    Gail . 50+

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    Feb 22 2013: How to manifest your own reality (takes the first five minutes). Then the rest of the time on what humankind could do and be if all were to accept responsibility for their consequences.
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      Mar 1 2013: Yes, I've heard that phrase "manifest your own reality." What does it mean?
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        Mar 2 2013: It means that thoughts are things that can be converted into what we want, through the application of specific mental techniques. If I have a want, I manifest it into my reality.

        An ancient practice popularized in the 1960s through the Seth material (where it is said that we create our own reality and that reality always appears to conform to our beliefs) it was later - though quite incompletely - popularized again through The Law of Attraction and the movie, The Secret. It's a growing trend. We get what we ask for, so we pay attention to what we are asking for.

        I know that this sounds bizarre, but after years of regular practice, I assure you that it works. But it's part of a worldview that, to work most efficiently, requires those of us who employ this technique to know our beliefs and clear out those that conflict, are outgrown and/or untested. We know what we are thinking, emoting, and feeling, and are aware of what comes out of our own mouths when we speak (or fingers wen we type) because they have so much to tell us. We know that emotions are a compass that point to mistaken beliefs, that when corrected, change our worlds (because we always behave in concert with out beliefs and behaviors have consequences). We are not owned by emotions (thus ego). We walk toward our fears.

        I no longer fear others, having tested my ability to use my power to be safe even under threat of imminent death. I know that if I want food, it will be available. Same with shelter and water. It's the same with things that give me pleasure.

        I cannot manifest for you. That's your responsibility.

        If the world could understand how POWERFUL people are, WHAT people are, and HOW they work, we could end almost all of our problems. We would treat one another better, because that's the only way to get what we really want -- Because (thru power of self-chosen beliefs) as I do, so it is done to me/my life.

        those who do not know themselves to this degree do not know what freedom is.
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          Mar 2 2013: Well, just to play devil's advocate, TED lover, can you envision the most luxurious, wealthy life and get it? If you imagine yourself as a billionaire with a gorgeous wife, will you get it? Presumably everyone else is envisioning such a life, but can everyone have it, given a world of somewhat limited resources?
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        Mar 3 2013: I wouldn't personally choose to be a billionaire. I'm one of those calling for a moneyless society. Vast wealth is the opposite of the direction I"m traveling in my life's journey.

        But that's not the only barrier. Park of the rules for manifesting deliberately and efficiently is that I must never do to others what I do not want done to me. For me to have billions, because of the way our fiscal scheme works, many others who do not have enough for the most basic survival would have to do without. I wouldn't not want to be able to live with myself if I were doing that to others. Besides, if I did, then it would all come falling down when it's value was suddenly meaningless.

        I believe that all can have what they want because I believe in the multi-world theory. I don't make things "appear" in this one reality. I travel to the reality where the thing I want is already manifest. If I were to envision an reality where every person on earth has 1 billion $ (and no more), what purpose would there be in money? We would be just as well off doing without the money altogether.

        I know this sounds odd. I do. It sure sounded unbelievable when I first heard of it. But when my manifestations began flowing to me, I changed my mind. I can't prove it to you, but I have surely proven it to me to my own satisfaction. I practice regularly. Life without using that power is rather like living without electricity even though I'm wired to the grid - just because I don't believe that electricity is real.

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