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If you were to give a TED talk what would it be about? What points would you make about your topic?

Interested to hear what matters to people.


Closing Statement from greg dahlen

Well, it wasn I saw that people have interesting ideas for TED talks. One wonders if everyone in the world has an interesting talk in them?

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    Feb 24 2013: How science fiction—reading it, writing it, discussing it—could re-ignite our education system.

    1.I would talk about the way textbooks suck all the blood out of learning about science.

    2.I would share key quotes and comments from contemporary researchers talking about the influence that things like Star Trek and Asimov's novels had on them in their formative years.

    3.I would offer some examples of surprising and innovative thinking that have resulted from my own students when challenged with problems common to sci-fi stories.
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      Mar 1 2013: This sounds excellent, Erik. How really do textbooks suck all the blood out of learning about science, although my emphasis was literature I took some science courses and I found that it was gratifying to get the basics down, which it seems like there was no way around it, one had to spend time with the book and in the lab.

      Are there particular branches of science that lend themselves better to the kind of inspiration you're talking about. For instance I have no interest in space travel but I do in nutrition.

      What actually would keep you from writing this talk and finding a venue to present it? How gratifying is it to speak to an audience?
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        Mar 3 2013: Honestly, I just don't have the time to put together something that might or might not land somewhere, and I can't give up the time to peddle it door to door, so to speak. :-D I'll just keep building evidence through my teaching and see what happens once it achieves some kind of critical mass.
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          Mar 14 2013: erik, I hope this won't sound chirpy, i tend to think we make time for the things we care about. Would it really take that long to write a speech if you wrote it five minutes here and five minutes there? Finding a venue might not be that hard either, for example does your wife belong to a woman's club, do your friends belong to service orgs, maybe they could set you up very quickly to give your talk.

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