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If you were to give a TED talk what would it be about? What points would you make about your topic?

Interested to hear what matters to people.


Closing Statement from greg dahlen

Well, it wasn I saw that people have interesting ideas for TED talks. One wonders if everyone in the world has an interesting talk in them?

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    Feb 22 2013: Mine might be about how I think writing fiction makes you a better person because it forces you to truly envision the world from other people's perspectives.

    I'm not a great fiction writer, but it's a hobby that makes me happy. Like many things, we're told to give it up after childhood if our skills aren't professional quality. I think a lot of people just don't understand the use, so I'd like to highlight that side effect of open-mindedness and compassion.
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      Feb 24 2013: Morton, don't you think that in recent years people have felt more encouraged than ever to write if they enjoy it? With self publishing and the ability to reach audiences without going through any sort of professional scrutiny?

      Have you done NANOWRIMO yet? That would be one example.

      I think also that in school in the United States over the last twenty years, writing instruction is often focused on getting students from the earliest grades to think of themselves as authors with a valuable voice.

      Just as the availability of online resources has encouraged people to study up on subjects that interest them that they might not have been able to pursue in school to professional standards, I think communities of practice and of art hobbyists and artists and writers online have encouraged people to venture forward in this area.
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      Feb 26 2013: Sounds good to me, Morton. Have you given speeches to groups, or do do you like it, or what would keep you from turning this into a speech and giving it?

      One interesting thing to do would be to read your works aloud and act out the characters, I mean in private or in a speech. This might up the empathy you're referring to. Are you comfortable playing characters, or inhibited?

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