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If you were to do any artistic performance for people what would it be? If you also wrote it what would it be about?

Would you do standup comedy? Sing? What might you write jokes about, or songs about? Or act? What might you write a scene about?


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      Mar 1 2013: Okay tell us some of the funny things that happen in a typical day.

      What do you write poetry about, tell us some more about your poetry, what style, length, etc.? Do you ever read your poetry in a public forum? Here in Los Angeles I have attended a number of poetry readings, one I went to was held in a laundromat! People washed their clothes while poets read. I also went to one that was held on a train, we took the train down to the Watts Towers and people read aloud on the car whilst traveling, yes some passengers were not part of our group, hope they enjoyed the poetry!

      Please see above about "open mikes." Do you have them down under?
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          Mar 10 2013: well, it's up to you. My experience is that if you "give it away," share your thoughts out, new, interesting thoughts come in to fill their place. Maybe you can write it funnier than you think, also. There are some funny writers, I remember my dad was a big fan of Erma Bombeck, a columnist here in the states. If you write it and it doesn't read that funny,don't worry, I'll enjoy it anyway.

          Do you wish you could do art in public, or does it not matter to you? I find performing in any way very gratifying, I suppose I consider these TED conversations a kind of public performance. Very often here in the states I've called in to talk radio shows as an audience member and talked on the air, I suppose tens or even hundreds of thousands of people listening to my voice (some of these hosts claim even millions of listeners). That for me is a major turnon. What is the state of talk radio in Australia?

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