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If you were to do any artistic performance for people what would it be? If you also wrote it what would it be about?

Would you do standup comedy? Sing? What might you write jokes about, or songs about? Or act? What might you write a scene about?


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    Feb 22 2013: Piano

    Write? I would write about how beautiful the "teachings" (as opposed to the divinity) of Jesus are, and how it is impossible for him to have died on a cross unless he was lying (which, I have discovered after practicing doing as he said to do, is really truth.)
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      Mar 10 2013: So, do you believe Jesus was advocating self-sacrifice? Are you into self-sacrifice?
      What sort of piano do you play?
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        Gail . 50+

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        Mar 10 2013: I don't believe (after researching pre-KJV texts) that Jesus died on the cross. His message was the opposite of sacrifice in any way. It was about abundance and safety through manipulation of thoughts and emotions, and in this way we bring into our realities what we want.

        For example: All that you ask is answered and all that you ask for is given (not in supplication! That shuts off the creative power). This is better understood by saying: If you don't like what you have, look at what you are creating (asking for).

        Jesus never spoke of sin, hell, or damnation and he never called himself the only begotten son of god - but taught that we are all equally powerful children of the same "abba" ("sugar daddy") - as an understanding of his teachings through the ancient texts makes obvious. Those parts were lost in the KJV translation (1611). His message is the same one that Quantum physics is starting to point to, and I suspect the reason why xtian churches are so angry about it.

        I am certainly not into self-sacrifice. Me??? LOL. More like the opposite. LOL (longer this time) ! Why would I sacrifice when I can manifest what I want - from safety to an out-of-print book to free world travel. I will certainly not refuse to use (sacrifice) my powers just because so many either don't know that they too are powerful, or as is the case in my new neighborhood, because my neighbors believe that such activities are the equivalent of devil worship, so THEY sacrifice themselves in willful ignorance while they get angry at those like me who see charity (as it is currently understood) as being very uncharitable and christianity as something entirely different from its savior's worldview.

        I have a 6' grand piano with a rich bass sound. Good for the classics, but not for rags, both of which I enjoy, so I have a built-in synthesizer that I can use for different musical sounds - from harp to honkey-tonk. (Pull a lever to prevent the hammers from hitting the strings)
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        Mar 11 2013: The piano - complete with the synthesizer attached was something I "manifested". It was a gift that came only after I spent 2 weeks manifesting daily. After 2 weeks, I "knew" that it was already fulfilled but not yet in my living room. 10 days later, it was in my living room. It took longer because of the time for the dealer to install the synthesizer.

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