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What is a work week

Traditionally full time employment has always been a 40 hour work week and anything else was considered part time and sans benefits. Businesses make hiring decisions based on this model which directly impact the financial health of the organization.

In the wake of Obamacare, this model is being challenged by the federal government. The health care benefit law has lowered the hours of work to be eligable to a 30 hour week. Thus full time employment by federal decree is 30 hours.

The potential impact is giantic. Businesses reduced the work week to less than 40 hours to survive and now will probally look at further reductions in hours. This applies to companies with more than 50 employees. Some companies have reduced the number of employees to less than 50.

The cost for a single employee is $4,664 for a family policy $11,329 while the penalty for non-compliance is $2,000. It is cheaper to not comply.

We currently have 25 million unemployed how will this impact those numbers. How will this impact the average earning wage of the US worker. Will the number on welfare go up? How about food stamps? The cost of services ad products?

Corporate greed ... survival ... government intrusion into private commerce causing a pre-determined negative impact .... more jobs going overseas ....

How do you see this?


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  • Feb 23 2013: I agree,

    The problem with elections are, no matter who you vote for or anyone else votes for, you always get a politician.

    Politicians in my book wouldn't know their a$# from their elbow on a good day, and could very well cause a local extinction level event on a bad one.

    go figure

    Why do we vote in politicians?

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