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Do you guys think that the press should have made such a big deal about Mario Rubio drinking the water?

I personally believe that something like that shouldn't have had such an affect on what the media was reporting. I think that it shouldn't be taken so seriously when we have more important things to be worrying about.


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    Feb 21 2013: No. I do think it would be interesting to hear each Chief Editor who approved the broadcast or printing of the Great Drink of Water debacle gave an (honest) explanation for their decision to make such a mountain out of the molehill. My guess is they would say "We give our readers/viewers what they want." And they might be right about that. Liberals want to mock conservatives and vice-versa. But, does anyone really want in-depth analysis, complete with video of a man taking a drink from a waterbottle? Doesn't every podium in the developed world have a pitcher or a bottle of water for the speaker? Surely we can find more substantial stuff about which to mock one another.

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