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Do you guys think that the press should have made such a big deal about Mario Rubio drinking the water?

I personally believe that something like that shouldn't have had such an affect on what the media was reporting. I think that it shouldn't be taken so seriously when we have more important things to be worrying about.


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  • Feb 21 2013: I concur. The manner in which they treated him is becoming widely accepted, however. We laugh and joke at people because of their errors, miscues, accidents, discomfiture, etc and fail to show basic, simple compassion and respectful understanding. Jeepers! We are human and we may expect errors or accidents!

    Each of us could ask how we would want to be treated!

    When humans do not see value in each other, we are asking for more problems.

    And yes, we'd be better to spend our resources on far more important issues and concerns! Where are the wise managers behind the scenes who control what is put on the air?

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