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An Eye for an Eye . Do you agree or disagree?

An eye for an eye is based on the philosophy of instilling fear in the heart of people, so that they will think twice before commiting a crime. I have seen this system works so well in some middle eastern countries as far as the crime rate is concerned.
Presenting your another cheek if you are slapped, tries to bring change in heart of an offender ,. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind is their philosophy.It works well in other parts of the world as far as growth of society is concerned.


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    Feb 20 2013: That would depend on whose eye.

    Punishment does deter crime. We can prove that with statistics surrounding the death penalty. But I do not think it is an adequate crime prevention.

    If you turn the other cheek, it just means you're gonna get smacked again. That puts you in the realm of martyr/victim or just learning disabled. I personally do not turn the other cheek unless it is on someone else's face.
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      Feb 20 2013: In this case when the fear is gone crime returns.
      In the other case the heart change is un-conditional and long lasting.
      Don't you agree Linda?
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        Feb 20 2013: Actually yes, I think once you cross over into martyrdom, it is long lasting. Just look at the victim mentality of most of the US. It does not mean they did not experience oppression, it means they choose to wallow in it. We have so much in this country and we focus on what other people have done to us. By allowing them to continue the oppression, we get to reinforce that it is not my fault I am the way I am. Sometimes it makes me angry because part of my work is to get people to overcome that mentality. Not easy.

        Neither martyrdom nor punishment prevent crime. Both actually perpetuate it.
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          Feb 23 2013: A society where the heart is nourished as much as the mind will be free of crime.

          Crime is the symptom of neglected hearts.

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