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An Eye for an Eye . Do you agree or disagree?

An eye for an eye is based on the philosophy of instilling fear in the heart of people, so that they will think twice before commiting a crime. I have seen this system works so well in some middle eastern countries as far as the crime rate is concerned.
Presenting your another cheek if you are slapped, tries to bring change in heart of an offender ,. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind is their philosophy.It works well in other parts of the world as far as growth of society is concerned.


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    Feb 22 2013: When you spank a child, you teach him to fear and hate you. However, the child does not learn the intrinsic value of doing the right thing. He only learns to avoid getting caught.

    You cite countries where an eye for an eye has reduced crime, but one could argue that those countries enforce behavior in such a manner that the enforcement itself borders on criminal, destroying as it does dignity, individuality and, ultimately, freedom.

    If the goal is simply to reduce certain undesirable behaviors, then perhaps draconian measures are the most successful. But if the goal is to create a society where people are motivated to do and be their best, fear is hardly the answer.

    Humans ultimately do best through enlightenment, encouragement, and respect.
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      Feb 22 2013: I agree with you Michael that Humans ultimately do best through enlightenment, encouragement, and respect. And also we need not have laws which degrades, destroys freedom of a person.
      But i realise ,that we need to punish who are guilty . As a country we need laws to punish the offender. The punishments should be such that they donot appear to be worst than the crime comitted . What we miss in current scenerio is lack of efforts to bring a welcome change in the hearts of criminals.There is no law which binds authorities to bring the change. Do you agree with what i say?
      Should we punish the guilty or not?
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        Feb 22 2013: I do agree. Our system, focused as it is on punishment and not rehabilitation, is fundamentally broken. If a person is to be released back into society, some effort should be made to instill in him the values required to succeed.

        But it starts earlier than that. It starts in school and, earlier, at home. If we believe the best path to positive behavior is fear, we are failing our children, and we are failing ourselves.
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          Feb 22 2013: Well said. When fear is gone crime returns. Positive behavior out of fear is pretence and short lived.When fear is gone negative returns.

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