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An Eye for an Eye . Do you agree or disagree?

An eye for an eye is based on the philosophy of instilling fear in the heart of people, so that they will think twice before commiting a crime. I have seen this system works so well in some middle eastern countries as far as the crime rate is concerned.
Presenting your another cheek if you are slapped, tries to bring change in heart of an offender ,. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind is their philosophy.It works well in other parts of the world as far as growth of society is concerned.


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  • Feb 22 2013: I think that it's a nice idea, but extremely flawed.
    If you steal $100 from a man, the law says that you should return that $100 and give him an additional $100. The problem arises is you don't HAVE the $100 to give. If this is the case, it's left up to the judgement of another man, not the impartial law of eye for eye to decide the punishment (Hammurabi went with chopping off hands). The philosophy has too many holes in it to be useful for anything more than minor disputes in which both parties agree it is fair to resort to eye for eye.

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