Tasawar ul Karim Baig

Senior Producer & Media Director , Geo News Television

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Cultural exchange can play second way of diplomacy in conflicts

There are so many conflicts among various fictions across the globe. People and group refute the notion of dialogue in first place, which prolong the tension and more turbulance in trouble regions. As if, we use music, drama, dance, poetry and other related activities to commense to minimuize chaos and provide a common ground to engage them and allow them to ponder to ease the situation through cultural haromony.

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    Feb 21 2013: I think it's a good idea and worth a try, but it’s also a little risky, because it’s hard to evaluate, a priori, how a different culture will accept our cultura heritage.
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    Feb 20 2013: Cultural differences is not a cause of contemporary conflicts. Religion is a reason, but it's worth to try your idea.
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      Feb 21 2013: And what is religion if not cultural differences between societies?