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Is God Real?

Its human nature to seek superiority and its human nature to seek an authoritative entity to take responsibility and control of one's life. So i often wonder if God is just that idea. The idea of a god that is all powerful and all knowing and just superior in everyday than any human being, is the very idea that makes me question the legitimacy of a God. We tend to subscribe to a divine command or an authoritative figure. The creator of the universe gets to set the rules and do anything it likes with its creations like sending them for eternal punishment.

And lastly, everyone that believes in a divine command gets the same satisfaction from believing in something that everyone else gets no matter what they believe in.

I am just interested in the TED community's input on this. I am a student of life, so i take no biases even if it sounds like it sometimes. :)


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    Feb 25 2013: I attend the local church in my town ever Sunday. But when i go, I go to see friends and meet new people. I also go to listen to the Bible scriptures. I do not necessarily believe in the one they call "God," but I do believe that the scriptures have fables in them. There are stories and parables in the Bible that have helped me through alot of tough times. I think of God as a role model that demonstrates one specific way to live a life.
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      Feb 26 2013: Fair enough KP. I guess many different religious or spiritual traditions contain some good stuff. I guess humans have not changed much over a few thousand years in regards to some aspects of the human condition. In some ways life is easier in many places, but we all lose friends and loved ones, we grew old, get sick, suffer along with some joy.

      I just find there is a lot of stuff to avoid in Abrahamic books as well.

      But a discerning person can separate the good from the barbaric.

      Yahweh or Jesus as the role model? Yahweh seems a nasty character. Jesus, more of a reformer and apocalyptic preacher. At least according to what was written about him decades after he died.

      I lived in a Buddhist country for some years and investigated some of their beliefs. Some of it is very insightful into the human condition. Some less so from a 21st century perspective.

      Judaism - seems to be about the covenant with their tribal god
      Christianity seems to be about salvation from a fallen nature
      Islam - Submission

      Some good insights in all I guess.

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