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What helps us to go up in life? (Flatttery+Nominal work) or (Hard work + No flattery)

In the current scenario, people with a sweet tongue are more appreciated than the hard working community. Being straight forward simply doesnt help out in most cases.

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    Feb 20 2013: Doesn't have to be one or the other. People can have a sweet tongue and be hard-working.
  • Feb 20 2013: So is it like that in India too?
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      Feb 22 2013: Apparently so. Scenarios, essentially, remain the same, exclusive of boundaries.
  • Mar 5 2013: I think love is what keep us moving but regarding work - I think that depends of the field. Results will dictate who was right and who was wrong - the hard worker or the sweet talker. I honestly think that we are in serious need of managers with vision.
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    Mar 4 2013: Flattery+Nominal work
    More and more every year
  • Feb 21 2013: I believe hard work and being rewarded for working hard is the perfect combination. When people are flattered for only nominal work, I believe that works against success.
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    Feb 20 2013: In the common global culture, being straight-foward not only doesn't help, but it puts block in the way if your goal is financial at its core.
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      Feb 22 2013: Exactly. So what do you suggest? Being a hard worker just isn't enough??
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        Feb 22 2013: Those who are hard workers are more valuable to employers where they are. They are too hard to replace. On the other hand, in many fields or even most fields, social networks and ease in social situations allows you to be a better manager than worker.
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    Feb 20 2013: The simple thing about life is also the complex thing: there is no formula.
    I think life is about purpose and fufillment; not just about going up a real or imagined ladder of success.
    I think the most important thing is knowing what we do for love, and then marching our practice with our potential.
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      Feb 22 2013: I totally agree. But do you think, just doing the thing we love is enough? Satisfaction is guaranteed. But we do need an imagined ladder of success to become something in life. Success means money and recognition for our work. And money means something in this world. We cant go out just armed with fulfillment and purpose.
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    Feb 20 2013: Please clarify what "to go up in life" means. I am not familiar with the saying. For instance, stairs help us go up in life and so does a ladder. I do not think that is what you mean so please help me understand.
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      Feb 22 2013: Linda,
      When i mentioned going up in life, i meant climbing the ladder of success. NOt the literal stairs or an elevator.