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Can introversion be related to confidence?

I have experienced sometimes i feel very confident from inside and yet unable to speak confidently in front of others and sometimes i speaks very confidently but from inside i am uncertain.I tried to find reason of this strange experience and i discovered that there are 2 types of confidence:-

1.INNER:-from our deep inside,feeling confident
2.OUTER:- just looking confident
and one doesn't imply other

what is self confidence truly mean ? can an arrogant man be called as a self confident ?

Is a person is confident in conversation can be called extrovert..? and what can we said about confidence level of introvert and extrovert..?

and why it is seen that introvert person have more intellectual power than extrovert..?

can an introvert become extrovert just by improving his conversational confidence ?

what communication skills teaches us.? how to look confident or how to be confident ?

and any ideas or methods of increasing our confidence level in conversation and removing shyness in various unpleasant situation..?


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    Feb 19 2013: Arrogance should not be confused with self confidence - though it often is.

    A brash, confident exterior ironically is often a foil to conceal lack of confidence and sometimes narrow, over-focused thinking with little breadth or depth.

    An unconfident introverted exterior sometimes conceals depth and/or wide knowledge and free-ranging, broad philosophic thinking styles.

    Both are as valid as each other working as a balanced single entity, but depending on the pervading normality of the time, one characteristic usually dominates the other.

    In these times where success is measured in monetary/materialistic terms the brash, confident type is the characteristic to have in order to achieve. The quiet introvert rarely does well here, even though he/she possesses the clarity and depth of thought to come up with inspirational solutions to get us out of this dreadful mess that the first characteristic got us into in the first place!

    This conundrum of one characteristic covering up its opposite does not always hold true however, and certain rare individuals do exist where deep inspirational thinking is coupled with the confidence to get their ideas out there in a manner that unfortunately, has to overcome profound skepticism.

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