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I'm organizing a TEDx event centered around the theme "mindfulness." Anyone have ideas of relevant activities for our activities room?

To elaborate, we will have an activities room for audience members to go before, during breaks, and after the event to do a number of mindfulness activities. The room will be classroom-sized and host a number of areas with someone facilitating a short activity related to our theme, mindfulness. I'm thinking something that gets our audience directly involved, such as utilizing social media, would be cool. Also, maybe a more physical activity like meditation tips, etc. Any ideas would be helpful just to get the juices flowing.


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  • Mar 17 2013: Namaste,

    I would encourage you to look at Marsha Linehan. She used mindfulness in creating Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for people with Borderline Personality Disorder. Mindfulness is the at the core of DBT. Though one must be certified to officially use DBT as their therapeutic modality, there are fabulous aspects which anyone can use.

    As an addictions counselor I find persons who have depression and anxiety find great success and benefit from using mindfulness techniques. I have used Thich Nhat Hanh's example of fresh apple cider with my clients. I read the concept in his book, 'The Sun My Heart'.

    The challenge I find is living in a state of mindfulness within the reality of society. We must find that place within where we give ourselves permission to be in the moment without expectation of the next moment.

    Soft paths....

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