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What actions can we take to return power and attention to our congress?

We live in a unitary state. An article published by NPR on three realistic alternatives to a single president fully illustrates that. I am extensively irritated that congress wasn't the natural response to the growing problem that the American people look to the president to affect change. As I recall, early congressmen decided to name the head of state "president" as the position was intended to merely preside over the going-ons of our nation's politics. Somehow (possibly inevitably) the president has become a modern-day king, responsible for almost everything our congress once was. So, my question now is: how do we return our attention to congress? How do we re-invest power in the legislative branch of the government?


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  • Feb 19 2013: People like visible figures. They like to blame people, or worship people. A president is a figurehead/scapegoat, and not too much more than that, really. However, your average citizen doesn't really realize this, it seems like. Education, personal responsibility, and civic duty are the keys here. Basically, your problem is in the people's hearts. You can't change someone's mind, only they can change their minds. Grassroots campaign, anyone?

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