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What actions can we take to return power and attention to our congress?

We live in a unitary state. An article published by NPR on three realistic alternatives to a single president fully illustrates that. I am extensively irritated that congress wasn't the natural response to the growing problem that the American people look to the president to affect change. As I recall, early congressmen decided to name the head of state "president" as the position was intended to merely preside over the going-ons of our nation's politics. Somehow (possibly inevitably) the president has become a modern-day king, responsible for almost everything our congress once was. So, my question now is: how do we return our attention to congress? How do we re-invest power in the legislative branch of the government?


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    Feb 19 2013: The legislative branch doesn't want the power that is constitutionally designated to them. That's why they continually cede more and more power to the other two branches.

    Unless and until the American people decide to educate THEMSELVES about the REAL American history and the meaning and INTENT of the Constitution, it will continue until the whole thing collapses (which is not so far away).

    I was stunned to tears when I began educating myself. It was an unintentional investigation. I was at the library and I walked past a series of huge volumes called "The Encyclopedia of the American Constitution". As I am not a Christian, and my religion does not enjoy government legitimacy or the right to practice its sacraments, I wondered if it would tell me where my religious freedom went. That's when I took a volume to the table and began reading, with tears streaming. And THAT's when I started searching for original documents that would show me what happened and how this country went so far astray from its core founding principles. Only then could I begin to see how we can fix all that is broken - if only Americans knew what their government is supposed to look like AND WHY.

    Americans have been LIED TO about their own history. So now we have 2 parties who appear - on the surface - to b enemies, but in truth, they are great allies. They are each committed to denying the legitimacy of the Constitution, only supporting those parts that they favor, while favoring destroying the parts that they don't like. This keeps Americans outraged, which increases voter turnout, and increases the problem.

    When you hear legislators talk about "The constitution", they are not talking about the WRITTEN "Constitution of the United States of America". They are talking about the unwritten constitution that replaced it during a coup d'etat by the Federalists and SOTUS in 1819. (Mc Culloch v. Maryland).

    The solution lies is us, even though we didn't institute the problem.
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      Feb 19 2013: I am glad we are on the same page. I would add that parties are a natural formation that occurs in a plethora of governmenting bodies. I always like to default to what Washington urged in his farewell address.

      So what I am looking for are real steps we can take to strengthen congress' power. I am not sure I agree with your assertion that it actively rejects that power. The people that make up our state and national congress are just as varying in their desires and intentions as their abounding constituents. But, that aside, it is undeniable that congress doesn't have that power, for whatever the reason.

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