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If I had to go to war I would be a coward, how about you?

Of course if my country was invaded that would change things a bit but I just couldn't imagine being in a situation with bullets, bombs & grenades going off around me killing all my mates. Any digger in my mind is worth ten of me any day!!


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    Gail . 50+

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    Feb 19 2013: I would not "have" to go to war. Going is a choice.
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      Feb 19 2013: Freedom is not a choice. Freedom is an earned right which comes at a price. Almost always that price is physical combat with opponents. You can choose not to participate in that part of the process and let someone else go for you, but if they share your preference and everyone refuses to go, then kiss your freedom good-bye and enjoy the form of government your conqueror thinks you should have.
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        Gail . 50+

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        Feb 19 2013: Freedom is FREE. War has its prices. Enslaving yourself to the will of the powers that be is a choice that blinds one to the real meaning of freedom.

        It is wholly illogical to think that Free is something one has to buy. It is an innate birthright for those who know what free means.
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          Feb 19 2013: "Freedom is free". What a grand lie. How utterly illogical.
          You actually believe that simply choosing to be free makes you free? Freedom is an "innate birthright"? How is that working out for the suffering,starving masses of Africa today? What makes you free is someone fighting to gain your freedom and to preserve it. You are beneficiary of war TED Lover. Condemn it all you like, after all, that's one of the freedoms it won for you.
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        Feb 19 2013: "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." (Ben Franklin in Poor Richard's Almanac)

        I cannot choose freedom for you or anyone else - even if I wanted to. I can only choose it for me. No one but me found my freedom and no one but me can experience MY freedom. No mercenary gave it to me or even made it possible. To use an equivalent you might possibly use, God gave it to me at my birth.

        Of course, I define freedom differently than you, seeing as I am a woman who lives in the USA, and have very few of the freedoms you have. A white, male, christian defines freedom very differently than many others who do not share the same pro-military values.
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          Feb 19 2013: What freedoms do you lack as an American woman? Please itemize. A black, female, Islamic woman enjoys the same freedoms as an American citizen that any white, male, Christian does (and with Affirmative Action Initiatives she may even have a distinct advantage).
          God gives freedom, it is Man who takes it away. If no one has taken away your freedom it is because your fellow citizens faced their fear and went to stand in the gap for you. They fought and many died to let you enjoy your God given freedom. You call that a bad thing for them to have done? You condemn those who make that choice today?
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        Feb 20 2013: You are saying that God can give me something and man can take it away - and there is nothing that God (or I) can do about it? Rather an impotent God, don't you think?

        Jesus said that ALL that you ask if answered. If you ask to see your own vulnerability, you will see it. If you ask to see your own power to protect yourself from harm, you will see it.

        I am surprised that you would ask what freedoms non-christians are denied in the USA. How about the right to own our own bodies in most states? How about the right for homosexuals to have jobs that they are qualified for, or to marry? How about the right to adopt in many states - and what about the rights of the unadopted children created through such stupidity - who are cast into the streets homeless and penniless at age 18? What about the right to have my sacraments be legal or my religion to be a legitimate religion? What about my right to not be a slave to christian militantism - so that my labor is not required to support that which I view as ethically abhorrent. Jesus did say "Love your enemies" and "Do good to those who would harm you".

        this is not because of any moral mandate. This is how one establishes one's safety in the most hostile of environments.

        I do not condemn those who make that choice. Jesus said, "Judge not". I don't. I simply disagree. I have no gratitude for what they think is a sacrifice made on my behalf. That sacrifice is in their minds only. I do not want them to sacrifice themselves. I want them to live. Do you, a christian, have gratitude for my position?
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          Feb 20 2013: If you had to go to war would you be a coward?
          QUOTE: "Rather an impotent God, don't you think?"--
          All things are possible with God. That does not mean God does all things. His eternal decree is being worled-out as we live our lives. Just because he does not do something does not mean he is impotent. He is omnipotent.
          QUOTE: "the right to own our own bodies in most states?"--
          What specific "right" are you saying is restricted? Abortion? Sodomy? Bestiality? Sadism?, Child Porn? Etc.?
          QUOTE: "the right to have my sacraments be legal or my religion to be a legitimate religion?"--
          What specific religion and sacraments are you talking about?
          Do I have gratitude for your position? No, because I have no definition of what your position is. Are you a Communist Witch, a Druid Goddess, a Tantric Temptress, a Nihilistc Revolutionary, a lovely Christian wife, mother, and Sunday School Teacher, a racist rabble-rouser? I can only guess. Narrow it down for me so I can answer your question.
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        Feb 20 2013: No need to narrow it down. Your comment says it all. You have explained to yourself why I can't summon up any appreciation for the military or those who CHOOSE to do its bidding.

        Clearly, you know by now that I am not a "lovely Christian wife, mother, and Sunday School Teacher", though I do base my life on the teachings of Jesus - as spoken by the man, not as interpreted by Paul.

        As for your comment: "All things are possible with God. That does not mean God does all things."

        OK, that's what you have asked for, and that's what you have received. I have asked for something different, so I have received something different. All that I ask is answered. I have learned to take care with what I ask.

        Just because I do not value or appreciate your (apparent) service does not meant that I do not value and appreciate you. I just wish that all these mercenaries would stop trying to give me a gift that I never asked for, do not want, do not recognize as a gift, will never appreciate, forces me into unwanted slavery that they call freedom, and that undermines what I taught my children and what their parents are trying to teach theirs.
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      Feb 19 2013: I actually agree with you. I would go especially if I was younger. But I would not go because of some rhetoric about duty or freedom or God or country. All that just is bogus media garbage.

      I would go because my people need me.

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