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"Recent Commenters" has been fixed!

Also, the "Search Conversations" tool now includes topics that have been posted since November.

Really sorry that took so long to fix, folks. :/

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    Feb 19 2013: Now all the Krisztians and Pat-Gilbertses can dominate that wall again
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      Feb 19 2013: I like to stay current on all the hip lingo like, "Say Hey!" and "23 Skidoo!" So, please tell me, what does "dominate that wall" mean?
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        Feb 19 2013: If I tell you just like this you will not learn anything, and my teaching will fail.
      • Feb 19 2013: Ed, he's trying to say that we'll always see their faces on that little square to the left..."the wall" of fame.


        I'm glad they fixed it, because it's a nice way to see what everybody's talking about.....I missed it alot.
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          Feb 19 2013: Oh. The collage of avatars of recent commenters is esoterically dubbed "the wall"? It appears a person can occupy just one of the twelve slots at a time, so how would one dominate? Never mind. Anyway, thanks.
    • Feb 19 2013: LOL :)
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    Feb 19 2013: it was a quick fix!
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    Feb 19 2013: Cool (Hallelujah for you religious folks)

    A problem that I have noticed is that when I add something to a post it does not update or show up on the post?
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    Feb 19 2013: I agree with Ed. It is a very useful way to find topics you may have missed.
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    Feb 18 2013: Hallelujah!