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Have you dug into your Ancestry or DNA-ancestry? If yes: has the journey changed you?

I started digging almost a year ago, and wow what a journey.
A year ago I considered myself a typical American European mutt, not knowing or thinking about it.
Researching part-time I now know I come from a long line (5-9 generation) of good Americans, ranging from a great-great grandfather who immigrated as a farmer/peasant in 1846 from Prussia to my 9th great grandfather that was born in 1620 England and died in 1656 Maryland, US.
And although it is really cool knowing that and that in the 120+ pedigree ancestors their where no slave owners, those who fight for the union army and some in the US revolutionary war, those facts did not change me. But instead I learn that you don’t have to be a great leader and that being part of great historical events is magnificent. Or I could say being good is better than being great, that is to say it better to be a peasant that is part of a tyrant’s downfall, then a great general serving a tyrant.


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    Feb 19 2013: My genealogical research has helped me understand why I am me.

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