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Does your surname has a story, a history or a character in it?

Take mine. It is a conjoint Sanskrit word having two parts. Mukh stands for Chief, Principal or Head and Upadhyay stands for a teacher.
Historically it corroborates. Mukhopadhyay were Brahmins brought by Kings of Sen Dynasty in medieval Bengal for enlightenment of his subjects.
Of course, in course of time Mukhopadhyays are teachers exclusively, in fact there are illiterate Mukhopadhyays too.
I wonder what does your surname stand for and if any insight can be gleaned from it.


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    Feb 19 2013: I never before took the time to research what my surname Goranson stood for. I just looked it up now.

    Goranson is Swedish and means "Son of Goran" .

    Goran is a medieval Swedish name for "George"

    That was all I was able to dig up! Pretty neat still!
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      Feb 19 2013: I wonder what the George of medieval Sweden used to do, how he lived and died. Thanks anyway. We are all repositories of history and story. :)

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