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A needed change in our current education system, Project Initiative.

There are many questions regarding the state of the job market in the future. Recent studies all point towards a world that not only requires creative and diverse way of thinking; it craves it. The downside to this seemingly progressive movement is that our schools have not prepared the future generation for such a world. Our current educational system is so focused on the “right answer” and the “right way,” that it tends to forget that there are multiple ways to come to the same conclusion. This way of thinking is then passed down to the youths of this nation, stripping them of the ability to think outside the box. This essentially is creating zombies who are thought to think in unison. To make matters worse, our understanding of creative and diverse thinking is highly skewed.
What I propose is a simple summer program training students in the act of divergent thinking while applying real world applications. The curriculum is based on simulations like the candle test in Dan Pink's speech and timed warm-ups in Ken Robinson's speech. What I was hoping was that I could get more ideas on how to train students in divergent thinking. The curriculum is nowhere close to done and a trial will be set this summer, I appreciate all help! Thank you :D

  • Mar 4 2013: I've heard this idea time and time again. I don't mean to be a stick in the mud but every time such suggestion lacked ideas for any practical method of achieving this quite ambiguous goal. I do however believe that I have a workable method to solve the underlying problem which inspired this proposed solution. Stop teaching to the middle. Offer more variation in learning speed and give some credence to small doses of early specialization. This will improve school outcomes for all students but does pose some ethical dilemma. It is up to society if they choose to lean towards the idea that the benefits gained from such an approach would outweigh the risks posed by it as well as to provide an agreed upon estimation of the severity of this risks.
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    Feb 19 2013: what is the age group you are targeting?
  • Feb 19 2013: Engineer a world and country where nonelites can be successful. Why make success so unlikely? Why would one expect assistance from educators.
    The Promethians and Dionysians don't become educators - See Keirsey's You Don't understand.