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Keystone Pipeline - Good idea or bad idea

This has become very controversal I was reading Canada doesn't want it. Do we really want it now? Why not build more Nukes and protect our naval oil reserves and oil on government land and slow oil sand development too.


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  • Feb 22 2013: I can see no good coming out of it and it angers me Canadians don't want it in their backyard but oh say let's send it through the United States. They keep saying more jobs but I would genuinely like to see accurate numbers. My understanding is the REAL paying jobs come with the building of the line, then once it's built it's a matter of monitoring and the Canadian company will keep all those jobs in Canada. Then the muck is shipped to China and refined, would the US get a better deal than the rest of world because we allow it come through our country, probably not. The most terrifying part of this is this muck is sent through steam pressured lines and you know as well as I do it's not a matter of if something will happen it's a matter of when. And the devastation it will cause isn't even estimated. Are they going to earthquake proof the supports, strap for tornados, and it's appearance. I just don't see the benefits of doing this deal. Right now they are shutting down oil refineries I really believe in this situation we should let Canada figure out things on their own.
    • Feb 22 2013: To be realistic I think there is good AND bad about pipelines in anyones country. I think the reason it's going to Houston and north eastern US is because of the refineries there. They don't refine it for free. There's money there. The obvious negative is the potential for a spill. Nobody wants that. I don't think they are transporting 'muck' though. It's oil product that has to be refined. The product that is going to be piped to BC is raw and headed to China. I don't see the connect that you should be angry at enviromentalists in a different country that have the same concerns as you. They are also concerned about spills just like you. Sounds like they are your friend. You make some good points about earthquakes and tornadoes. That could prove disasterous for sure. I think you and I will find that we will have no influence on whether or not the pipelines will go through. It's bigger than us. I'm on your side by the way. We are all fruit flies in a jar.

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