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Keystone Pipeline - Good idea or bad idea

This has become very controversal I was reading Canada doesn't want it. Do we really want it now? Why not build more Nukes and protect our naval oil reserves and oil on government land and slow oil sand development too.


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  • Feb 21 2013: It depends on who you are. Lots of Albertans want the pipeline I would assume. It would mean jobs for pipeline builders and oil sands workers. That means money. Our Prime Minister and his government is conservative currently. The conservative agenda is economics. The Prime minister came from Alberta at one time so he is showing loyalty to Alberta oil industry. Like most things it's always good to have balance. The province west of Alberta is British Columbia. They lean to the left politically. They don't want a pipeline to go to their coastline because of environmental concerns. Large oil tankers would be navigating through treacherous waterways that are pristine now. Economically there isn't much advantage for them to host a pipeline and port for the oil. I'm pretty sure they will build another pipeline in an easterly direction to eventually enter north-eastern US to refineries there. There was also talk about a pipeline to go north into the arctic and to a port to be exported probably to China. It depends on who you ask as to who wants these pipelines. It's about money and environment, but the current canadian government is all about industry and not so much about the environment.
    • Feb 25 2013: lets not ignore the fact that oil is shipped out of the harbours of Vancouver ...at this moment ( has been so for a long time) and there are no protesters standing and protesting ...and no environmental disasters .....the pipeline to "the Arctic" is in fact ...the one proposal to convert the oil CANOIL ( second world war ) pipeline over to tie to the Alaskan Pipeline an load and the existing Valdez terminal.....this is attractive because it is a shorter delivery to the Asian customers .....the newest proposal is similar ....construct a twin rail line to the same...this one is is best from the point that a lot most trade will be wit asia ...not only with oil but the fabrication of the refining equipment will come from asia ...this includes mining of minerals /// natural gas ,,,etc etc ....

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