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How can humanity actually achieve the UN Millenium Goals? How can we each play a bigger part to help ensure that we do meet the goals?

The Millenium Goals can be found at: http://www.un.org/millenniumgoals/ There were targets for 2015. How can we step up our efforts to be sure that we are on Target for 2015 and beyond. A lot is riding on our success at achieving these important goals and more. I would like to add the goal of achieving world peace as well!

The UN Millenium Goals are:

1) End Poverty and Hunger

2) Universal Education

3) Gender Equality

4) Child Health

5) Maternal Health

6) Combat HIV/ AIDS, Malaria and other diseases

7) Environmental Sustainability

8) Global Partnership

What additional millenium development goals would you like the UN to add to this list?

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    Gail .

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    Feb 18 2013: It's not going to happen in this cultural paradigm. It is impossible.

    However, if our cultural paradigm were to change significantly (which I don't see happening for as long as the Abrahamic religions have such a major say in the matter), then we would be living in a very different world and all things that we would end up wanting would be possible.
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    Mar 17 2013: For the environment: Ecological footprint labels on all products. And maybe environmental taxes based on how big a company's footprint is.
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    Feb 19 2013: I agree with TED Lover. I wish to elaborate on that paradigm shift.
    Neither love nor religion will be the real agents of change. I do not agree about a very long time span. If you look at the pace of social, cultural and technological changes of human civilization you can see that the pace increases exponentially by making things happen much earlier than these were expected. Both good and bad.
    I agree that MDGs are not set with any degree of practicality. The recent assessment of the achievement of these targets is not satisfactory. At best, I see the attempt by the UN to address the issues as an acknowledgement of a very insecure and bleak future if the business-as-usual is permitted to continue. By business here I mean more than market economy.
    What is not popularly acknowledged is that all these problems have one thing in common. That common thing is the asymmetric distribution and consumption of common resources of earth. There is long record of unfair, mistaken and unappreciated political and economic history but we cannot undo the past. We can learn from it and do course correction.
    Johan Rockstrom et al have shown that at least 3 out of 9 planetary life support systems have been crossed to the limit of irreversible damage.
    Kate Rowarth of Oxfam International proposes a doughnut of safe living space for all within 9 of Rockstrom boundaries and 11 social boundaries of her definition based on greater social equity.
    I dispute Kate's proposal.

    I think we should clearly understand that this a resource war we are caught inside. And this resource war is fueled by our individual aspiration of consuming as much as possible at whatever cost (or oblivious of cost) which our consumerist system cashes in.

    I think TED Lover's cultural paradigm is this and it will change.
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    Feb 18 2013: Sub: GROUND MAT
    1. Inventions- Advisory Body
    2. Technology Management- Wsdom
    3. Creative Spirit: Cosmology Vedas -world Peace
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    Feb 18 2013: Michelle, These goals are set for 2015. I know this will sound bad ... but ... with most of the world in serious economical distress do you consider this a realistic goal. Most of these issues exist for the benefit of third world nations and the cost will be at the expense of the same few who support the UN. The problems are giagantic in many of these goals as they violate religious codes for many nations ... do you think this will change? Not likely. As a child I collected funds for needy children ... the same pictures and the same causes exist today with little or no progress reported and I am now 70. We have found many of the organizations and the recieving countries corrupt and the cause ignored while corporate heads and politicians line their pockets. We seem to continue to do the same failed practice over and over and expect a different result each time.

    We donate trillions of dollars worldwide to disaster relief to many areas and a follow up shows that little of no progress has been made in re-establishing the area or improving the conditions. This happens right here in the USA with New Orleans and what is called the 5th district. It is still boarded up and only one store has opened in the area. Where did all the donations go .. where did the federal money go .. where did the state money go .... materials ... etc ...

    We throw money at a problem to feel good about ourselves. It ain't workin.

    We need a serious re-evaluation of our approach to resolution of these problems before any of these goals will be met.

    I am not against these goals ... I am having troubles with application / methods / approach / and failure over and over.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      Feb 18 2013: Dear Bob,
      Yes I agree we will need to rethink our methods and strategies to find a solution that will work this time since so many efforts have failed in the past. We have to reach the people directly not give the money to corrupt politicians who will keep it all for themselves and not distribute it to the people in need. That is the hard part to find the solution to the problem. There are many answers hidden in many of the TED Talks that if they were widely applied would certainly make a significant dent in the problem. We have the technology but we need a way to implement the solution on a wide scale. So the question is how can we actually achieve the goals, not how can we fail to achieve the goals. I realize this is a much harder problem requiring much more thought and collaboration. How can we all actually help is the question for us to think about. Thanks for your reply.
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        Feb 18 2013: M, I look at many variables and here is some free advice.

        1. Please take a minute to look up UNICF. I'm doing this from memory ... the CEO makes $1,200, 000 salary and has a Royals Royce supplied for his use, plus other perks. Only 21 cents of the dollar goes to the cause. Please verify.

        2. Of all the organizations and religions that respond internationally, some are good, but one is outstanding and should be used as a model or yardstick to evaluate other programs. It is a religion. They are called Mormons or LDS. What makes them successful, by my measure, is they have a person on the ground here at shipping and a person on the ground to recieve and distribute. Their University has developed a powder that is nutritious and supplies all the daily needs when mixed with liquids. There is no money to siphien off and no middle people. They mail, pickup, and distribute all at their own expense ... no donations .. no requests for assistance. 100% of the transaction is accounted for and used by those intended.

        Part of the problem is that we do not do our homework. We tend to throw money at a issue and go off to a party feeling good about ourselves that we fed a hungry kid in Africia. Did we?

        While your at it look up the Red Cross and all the other biggies ... VFW and Salvation Army are two good ones all the rest are very profitable ... for the executives. Sad.

        Thanks for the reply. I wish you well. Bob.
  • Feb 18 2013: Yes, but be prepared to accept the fact a very long time will be needed----far beyond our lifetimes or that of many generations later. The underlying secret to solving all human problems is love. Humankind will eventually learn that love instead of guns to resolve issues is the better way. Identifying a list of desires, as above, is certain evidence leaders desire improvement and desire, untrammeled, will empower movement. Never give up on what is good!

    Whom among us mortals is empowered to authoritatively say "never" for what is worthy of effort for humankind advancement?
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    Feb 18 2013: Unity of purpose and sincerity is a good start.
  • Feb 18 2013: Sadly no.