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How can humanity actually achieve the UN Millenium Goals? How can we each play a bigger part to help ensure that we do meet the goals?

The Millenium Goals can be found at: http://www.un.org/millenniumgoals/ There were targets for 2015. How can we step up our efforts to be sure that we are on Target for 2015 and beyond. A lot is riding on our success at achieving these important goals and more. I would like to add the goal of achieving world peace as well!

The UN Millenium Goals are:

1) End Poverty and Hunger

2) Universal Education

3) Gender Equality

4) Child Health

5) Maternal Health

6) Combat HIV/ AIDS, Malaria and other diseases

7) Environmental Sustainability

8) Global Partnership

What additional millenium development goals would you like the UN to add to this list?


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  • Feb 18 2013: Yes, but be prepared to accept the fact a very long time will be needed----far beyond our lifetimes or that of many generations later. The underlying secret to solving all human problems is love. Humankind will eventually learn that love instead of guns to resolve issues is the better way. Identifying a list of desires, as above, is certain evidence leaders desire improvement and desire, untrammeled, will empower movement. Never give up on what is good!

    Whom among us mortals is empowered to authoritatively say "never" for what is worthy of effort for humankind advancement?

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