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How can we reform the prison system?

This talk demonstrates that many felons have much potential. So the question is really quite simple, but broad, how can we reform our prison system to take advantage of this potential?


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    Feb 18 2013: Andrew, I retired from the prison system. Yep .. your right there are some very bright and talented people in the system.

    Prisons must evaluate the threat and prepare and manage for that threat. Therefore it will always be the worst case scenerio. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. It has nothing to do with the type prison (state or private) but everything to do with the threat level.

    I have proposed "designer prisons" as a management / reform system. Essentially it would divide prisons by crime, sentence ect .. as the housing criteria.

    5 / 5 being the most dangerous. The first number indicates the custody level institutional risk .. and the second number is the public risk factor. These are the worst felons such as murders, rapists, arsonists, etc ...

    1 / 1 being the lowest. they present the least risk to the institution or society.

    Designer prisons would house drug offenders in one area ... killers in another ... white crime, etc ... By doing this the institution could best address the security needs and the correct and trained specialist to address the prisoners needs. Having a drug specialist talking to a non-drug using killer is a waste of resources. The use of private prisons or half way houses could be the answer to your question. If the felon is sentenced to the least of the facilities and proves he is capable of change then his record could be set aside .. if he has a relapse then he would return and serve both the past and present sentences and his record would be published.

    The number of these "potential" contributors are really very few. People do not go to prison for missing sunday school. To become a felon there has to be proof beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of peers. In the past there was many mistakes. Today everyone who enters the system has a DNA sample taken and many crimes of the past have been solved by matching the DNA. Also some have been released by the same act.

    I wish you well. Bob

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