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How can we reform the prison system?

This talk demonstrates that many felons have much potential. So the question is really quite simple, but broad, how can we reform our prison system to take advantage of this potential?


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    Gail . 50+

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    Feb 18 2013: I would begin by getting private prisons out of the marketplace. It has become a system of legalized slavery. It's a very profitable venture by private corporations who spend billions lobbying for harsher laws and longer prison sentences. Those laws impact the poor (mostly black) while allowing avenues of escape for the whites who can afford a lawyer.

    Then I would introduce meditation for all. Alabama tried it some years ago, and it was very successful - though only offered on a volunteer basis. But the State legislature thought that it was against all the Christianity stood for so it outlawed the practice. It took many years before it was reinstated, but it is not practiced in a way that research shows that it works - in increasing empathy. Other states are now looking into the matter.

    Then I would release the nearly 70% of American prisoners who are in prison for non-violent offenses by people who are not a danger to others. I would also expunge their prison records so that these people stand a better chance of getting jobs.

    Once the for-profit prison system is discarded, then those jobs that go to slave labor (whose labor is sold to major corporations, like Bank of America and Microsoft, and many defense industry companies) would go back into the private sector, where former prisoners (along with law-abiding people) could do the same jobs for pay.

    But first and foremost, to reform the prison system, we must reform our fiscal system. It literally and provably CREATES prisoners, who become the fodder.

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